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Issues & Political Concerns

Time for Change

Image by Omar Lopez
Teenage Girls with Masks
School Bus & Children

Reconnecting with BCPS Community

It's Important

Tiana Sims is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts how we provide service to the Burke County community. She hold this issue close to her heart, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause. Tiana Sims aims to maintain balance between children, parents, educators, and community members. She will keep pushing until the correct balance is reached.

Mask Policy

The Stakes are High

Tiana Sims wants nothing more than to keep Burke County kids safe! Safety is PRIORITY! However, Tiana realizes these decisions must be made as a community. Tiana Sims is proud to support and push for the community to be heard and taken seriously. This is a very serious issue that has been impacting everyone. Tiana Sims will listen to you and work alongside you to ensure your concerns are heard by the board.If you would like to find out more information about this issue, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

All Children Are Equal

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed. Tiana Sims is pushing for change, and is doing everything she can to see a brighter future where each child knows they can be whoever they want to be in America.  Learn more and join the cause today.

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